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A day not to forget.

Sunday that has just passed was a day I don’t want to forget. It was a joyous day. I haven’t had a raw sweets party for almost 2 years, and I could feel the excitement build up a couple days prior. In the past since around 2015, I have held about twenty-five, that’s a rough estimate as wasn’t really keeping count, raw dessert parties in which have taught people interested in health and wellness how to make delectable sweets, and sometimes there was some savoury thrown in there too, to have healthier options when it comes to food choices, so they don’t feel deprived. With so many people choosing to go either gluten or dairy free due to allergenic responses or purely due to just gauging how they feel with their own nutritional needs, I get excited to show them options.

So, Sunday, back to Sunday, we made three easy to go to cacao treats. It was all about cacao. The

beloved cacao. We made a dark intense cacao ganache, salted peanut butter cups, and a silky cacao ice-cream. Three delicious recipes that are great for the soul yet can be whipped up in a flash. I had eight extremely beautiful souls come and play with me and celebrate cacao while also celebrating that my healthy sweet treat recipe book will be out within weeks. It was a double celebration for me.

As I said in the beginning, these gatherings are days I never want to forget as these moments are when my soul lights on fire. I come alive. The heavens open and I see all my light. I own my power in the kitchen sharing what I have come to know. Yes, Sunday was another day that won’t be forgotten, not for just the cacao party…

Finishing off my Sunday something else happened that made it also unforgettable. Not for the

remembrance of joy or happiness that the cacao party left me with. I never forget my healthy sweet treat parties because they bring me a sense of peace being in soul alignment to share my gift, but you never forget things that also bring you deep pain and sorrow.



Yes, Rizatriptan.

Next time I will come prepared with Rizatriptan for a visitor like this.

I won’t forget this Sunday evening for a while. To be honest, three days later as I write this, each day I just count my daily gratitude’s to survive yet another one trying to do it alone.

About three hours before the event I get the signs that it is on its way. At least I can say I get a

warning, how kind of it. Naturally with unforgettable events, you get a little worked up prior to

commencement, either that being worked up due to excitement or that being overwhelm and fear. Either one, the body perceives it as of importance to pay particular attention to. If the host is

focusing on something so deeply, it must be something that needs special attention and

remembering right?

With Sunday night, the throbbing, the nausea, the sweats, the pain that radiated from head to toe

and put me in my bed from 7pm to 7am the next morning without a minute of sleep. Just laying

there praying to my team of Angel’s to get me out of this nightmare while curled up in a ball with ice packs all over my head. Yesterday, my holistic doctor once I told her this of yet another migraine attack after having managed them for over 2 months now, gave me one of two things. She gave me my regular goods go-a-heads like extra magnesium and a new homeopathic herb never worked with to try called belladonna, which got me a little excited as in a lot of my witchy movies I watch, belladonna is used to sedate unwanted energies, interesting at that, sedate, sedate the migraine. Love that realization. She also prescribed me Rizatriptan, which when she saw my face when I asked, but isn’t that a drug, she said, I want you to have this on hand ok. Part of me wanted to rip that prescription up into little pieces, but I didn’t. Sunday being a day not to forget for many reasons being one, a joyous cacao party with friends, yet also a pain I will not let myself endure through alone again. That night I tried everything natural. Everything!

I took that prescription home and next time I go to the chemist I will fill it to have these babies on

hand. The belladonna is to take when the warning comes and if no luck with this trial, I won’t

hesitate to take Rizatriptan. I never take prescription drugs or for that matter, over the counter

drugs. Yet to allow ourselves to endure through that much pain, not to mention the stress on our

beautiful body, mind, and spirit without any sleep, well I feel the Rizatriptan would be a much

gentler approach.

Sometimes we just need to get out of our heads and surrender to trying to do it all alone. Call in the helpers, and there is nothing wrong with that. Rizatriptan will be my strength when I do not have enough alone.

Some facts I have learnt throughout my journey that trigger migraines for me after getting my first one probably about 5-6 years ago.

One being, not eating enough carbohydrates.

Two being, going to long between meals to then have an oversized meal to compensate.

Three being, going nuts on high histamine foods.

Four being, not going to regularly get a chiropractor or osteopath adjustment.

Four being, not allowing time to breathe and mediate.

Five being, forgetting to take my magnesium and activated B vitamins daily.

Six being, getting too over-heated.

Seven being, not enough or too much exercise.

Eight being, not indulging in a warm magnesium bath.

Nine being, not using my bowels for days on end.

Ten being, going too long between massage visits.

Eleven being, too much screen or technology time.

Twelve being, not enough time in nature.

Thirteen being, not managing emotional and physical stress…

The list could go on, but I am sure you got my message.

Maybe even some of these points could help you?

So, the next time I have a day that I won’t forget I will definitely make it a joyous one, but if not and that unwanted visitor comes back, I will be prepared and make it a day that I won’t forget because I put my hand up for help!

Go me.

Love, Tabitha Lee xoxo

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