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Food FEARS. Real and created.

We have certain fears. Fears that keep us safe from legitimate harm. Fears that protect us. These fears are ones that base them self around everyday common choices we make without even thinking about at times, like looking both ways before we cross the road, so we don’t get hit by a car, or choosing not to walk down that dark alley way at night with drunk people being aggressive down there. These fears keep us safe from actual dangerous situations. These fears protect us. These are the fears that keep us safe.




Now we have the fears that are created from social conditionings that we have picked up along the way of life. Fears we have because we were told this or that was bad, or this or that was good. Then we develop fears around things we have believed as being bad, when in truth aren’t at all bad for us. They could even be ‘good’ for us. Good or bad mentality, now that is for another whole blog entirely on that subject.


As of lately I have been doing a lot of reflective work and meditated more than I have in a while. What has been coming up a lot with me lately is seeing more of why I make the choices I make. Even making choices that are not healthy for me. These choices maybe healthy for someone else at their current life and situation, but not me.  So much of what we do may not even be really for us. We can take on the roles of others in hope to achieve that body or that look. How many times have you heard people say to someone, “what do you eat in a day” or, “what is your fitness routine”.

I see this comment a million times a day over social media. Hard truth here guys, just because you choose to eat what so and so eats in a day or engage in their fitness and exercise routine, it does not mean you will look like that. It is like some clients I get bringing a photo of a celebrity that they want their hairstyle to look like. I can do the cut if its suitable for their hair type and face shape, but a lot of the time, people are looking at the celebrity features and can feel disappointed, even with a great haircut, because they were unconsciously just wanted to look like ‘her’. We cannot be someone else. We can try. We can do all the things they do, but we are ourselves at the core.

Food FEARS. Real and created.
Food FEARS. Real and created.

Doing the things we do is wonderful practise to reflect upon. Just sit with a pen and paper and write about all the things you do and why.

The why is important here. The why actually shows you if it’s important or not. The why questioning may even show you the things you do are so not in alignment what you are doing. I know questioning my whys, for me, it has shown me clearly what I do with the voice in my head from someone else. I remember years ago, I went to certain holistic doctor, and he put me on a protocol that cut out all carbs for reasons x, y, and z at that time in my life. Now it may have had a certain benefit for my situation these many years ago. As time goes on, your body changes and needs things to upgrade to the next shifts. This now, could be quite dangerous for me. Although when I have a day with more carbs than usual, carbs as sweet potato, pumpkin, or fruits I am talking if you must know, I can go into panic of getting fat. When I question this fear, I say, “fear, why are here and is this real”?

The first vision I get is sitting in the chair at that doctor’s room with his voice saying, “low carb is needed as we want to build from muscle and not from fat”.

Now I see just one of the many reasons I associate carbs, even healthy carbs, as getting fat, and have a great relationship with fats and proteins. This isn’t my truth. I am not fat despite eating, blueberries, sweet potato, and pumpkin. My mind can say I am at times, and some days even believe it, like all day, but again, another story all together for another day peeps.


Go get a pen and paper now and list some of your fears and why they are fearful to you.


Go do it now ok.!


I will be here when you get back.


Ok, so you done it.



Here I want to express to you a few of my fears and if I think they are here to serve purpose to my evolution or just to keep me from living   my best life.

I need to strongly point out here, please do not go eating foods you know don’t love you back ok. If you are allergic to something or can’t tolerate something as causes your health symptoms to flare, be discerning with yourself. Some foods you cannot have as you maybe celiac like me so be honest with yourself.


One of my food fears is, wait for it, peanut butter. Not because of the fat content, I am not scared of eating fat whatsoever, which is ironic as I am sacred of being fat, yet I don’t have the belief eating fat makes you fat. Peanut butter. I salivate. The thought of peanut butter on celery sticks, or peanut butter on a banana, peanut butter melted over my chicken and veggie dinner. Peanut butter. I look back many years ago during my childhood and teens, gee even into my 20’s. I ate a boat load of peanut butter. Peanut butter on crumpets with honey. Peanut butter in cheesecakes. I loved it. Yer, I had my fair share of gut issues growing up, but this was not 1 ingredient peanut butter, this was the processed type full of vegetable oils, and sugar. Not to mention, eating it over crumpets and toast, and even in cakes, well it’s a no brainer that it could have been the entire combinations all together. As years went on, I went completely clean eating and organic. All wholefoods. I started using natural peanut butter. Just peanuts and sea salt. Did I have issues when I consumed it?

Not that I recall, no. I mean I wasn’t wolfing it down every day, but we don’t always feel like the same things daily do we.?

I really enjoyed it too. I wasn’t hearing so much about the aflatoxins that peanut butter can have and how these substances can play havoc on gut health. I was just thinking, gee I love this and how it tastes on my food. I was fine. I didn’t react. So much of the influences I follow on social media are pointing out the effects of pufa’s in our foods and aflatoxins. Yer I am not a silly sausage. I get that some things can build up in the body and you don’t want to go crazy with. That’s just normal. We need diversity. My questioning here goes now to, when I eat now, not that I have eaten peanut butter for years now, is when I was reacting to the wholefoods peanut butter when started hearing these sentences as above, was I creating psycho-symptomatic outcomes?

Had my sub-conscious already lodged that belief within me?

Is peanut butter really to be feared?

Oh, I hear the mind going again, but, Tabitha, remember you a blood type O and blood types such as are meant to avoid peanut butter at all costs.

Is the blood type thing 100% accurate?

Who really knows. If we believe it is the way, it will be our way, I guess.


So, after my spill on peanut butter here. I am challenging myself this next couple of weeks. I am going to have some and see what happens. I will be calm when I eat it. I will breathe when I eat it. I will mentally prepare for the occasion with even having visions of the most joyful outcome from it. I will then have it few days later again and do the same. I will so keep you posted and even share on my social media platforms my ways I will I eat it. Besides, I done with sweet potatoes and now they are like my best friend most days, until that pesky fear gets hold of me on days that I am mentally challenged too much.


So many foods I say are safe, and have every day because, ‘they are good for me”, I am playing with that idea too, as I feel there are many things I do eat that I think I need to as a means to get that result, yet in my truth, are actually not benefitting me at all.


The plot continues…


Here is your permission for the next couple of weeks to experiment. Choose from love and your heart and see what happens beyond the self-created fears and the conditioning from our pasts.


Let’s have a little fun.


Tabitha xoxox



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Let’s be friends.

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