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Give her back her TOY!

As I said in recent blog’s, that I am sharing some of my new writing pieces inspired from old journal entries. To read back on some of my maybe seemingly erratic entries, yet now see them as like teachings to move in the direction I need to embark on to introduce more freedom into my life.

This entry I must admit had me in an out of body experience looking at a very fearful self. I felt how scared I was the day I wrote this.

This entry started like this…


I so feel like chocolate! (chocolate; being cacao something)

But why?

What makes me feel like comfort food?

Maybe my emotional needs are not met this week?

Maybe I need to check in to see if I feel unloved or lonely?

I may just need magnesium. That’s it! Maybe I need more magnesium supplementation?!

Ok, let’s stop right there!

As I read back on this from my journal, I can see the dialogue in my mind is running on fear and the absolute chaos, which causes so much trauma on myself with the analytical mind unmastered is playing havoc in my world.

Does it really matter in the moment what food we want and need?

Maybe we just want it.

Maybe it makes us feel good and brings us a joyous experience that makes us feel tingles all over.

Maybe it is just fun!

Do we always have to self-analyse what food we eat and why?

Maybe we do crave somethings due to an underlying deficiency, I get that, but at that moment does it really fucken matter?

Maybe it is a deficiency on a whole different level. We may need it just because it brings us pure joy and total fullness that we have denied because of labelling a food good and bad.

If we choose the habitual food routes day in and day out out of obligation, it can start to feel like deprivation and even make us feel sad, like a child that has had her favourite toy taken away from her by her mother with no apparent reason at all.

So, you sit around all day in your sadness with one thing in your mind… The TOY!

While sitting there in that sadness, wondering what you have done wrong to have been denied of something that brings you utter joy.

I wonder why so many of us these days are walking around feeling stuck and lost in our own bodies, always searching for more.

Feeling unfulfilled.

We aren’t honouring enough joy without getting all up in our fucken heads about it.

A young child doesn’t do this.

I can see why so many of our inner child’s are throwing a massive tanty and we are either getting sick, tired, depressed or fatigued.

Their light-hearted nature is being denied in fear-based choices over our true instinctual guidance.

We choose to override our ‘child’ and in fact they can be our biggest teacher to guide us to a higher level of freedom.

So, give your ‘child’ their fucken toy back!

Stop punishing them for things they have not done wrong!

Let them lovingly and gently guide you back to health and harmony. No longer can we remain in this kind of relationship with them.

Your world will be forever in chaos without listening to them.

You have not signed a contract about what food you should and should not eat have you?

It is time to…

Surrender to the struggle and doubt.

Open yourself up to the blessings they can gift us.

Sometimes our ‘child’ needs what they need to want to be here, so they can stop playing up in your world and we can have more peace and harmony every day.

Do not second guess the intuitive guidance they offer to you. It may take you to heights you never knew could exist.

The possibilities could be endless. The sky not being the limit.

Remember a child doesn’t second guess themselves, they just do.

So, can we…

Forgive where we have not forgiven.

Love where we have not loved.

Surrender in ways we have not yet surrendered to.

Now go EAT, PLAY and CREATE in ways that bring utter joy to every cell of your beautiful body.

Don’t go get all fucken analytical and up in your head about it.

Just do it!

What is the first feeling you feel I your heart?

Honour that without question.

Feels so good doesn’t it?


Tabitha Lee.


Thanks to Tanner Boriack @tannerboriack for making this photo available freely on Unsplash

PS: Have you heard?

My HEALTHY DESSERT RECIPE STORY BOOK will be out around Easter next year.

I know, I was hoping for Christmas, but at least now you have a month you know when it will be available. It will be full of my favourite creations.

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