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What does the word grounded mean to you?

How do you feel when you are grounded?

What do you do when you are grounded?

As of late, I have been grounding myself more. I think the grounded documentary also can take some of the credit for my inspiration to dedicate myself more time to ground.

Have you seen this documentary?

If not, stop what you are doing and go watch it now! Please.

Being someone who deals with headaches frequently, and let’s not even talk about the migraines, the other day I experienced something so magic. I was working in my home salon and I could feel the pressure build up in my neck, which it does when I am on the verge of a headache. After downing like half a pot of magnesium to prepare for the intensity to surface, I remembered back to the documentary and how the hosts on the documentary were saying that a body on the earth absorbs the electrons from the earth and inflammation melts away. A grounded body comes back to natural balance, and there can’t be inflammation in a grounded body. So, I take myself out on the grass while my clients hair colour is processing, and I sit there. Now, if any of you guys personally know me, you would know I love nature! I am always wanting to be outside. Yet I don’t actually put my feet on the earth enough. My bare feet. I have a lovely backyard and there is really no excuse.

There's no better way to ground yourself than by being in touch with nature.

So, as I sit there with my feet planted down on the grass, I just visualize the process of the earth bringing me back to balance and receiving the electrical charge I need. Prior to this, I could say the intensity of my headache was sitting at about, erm, probably a 75-80%, and after the grounding experience it went down to a 30-35%. Now this was after 20 minutes. Imagine if we just went barefoot everywhere. We maybe thriving more than just surviving.

So, I guess the word grounded for me means balance. When I hear the word grounded, I think of balance.

When I am grounded, I feel calm. I feel more peaceful and feel clearer in my mind and body.

When I am grounded, I take better care of my needs and put my needs first. I take slower deeper breathes and all the shallow breathing dissipates. My heart rate slows down and the body tension feels like it melts into the earth. My shoulders fall away from my ears.

When I am grounded, I don’t continually walk around in circles doing all the meaningless tasks of the day and less likely to cave into destructive destructions.

When I am grounded, I feel I know myself better and can discern between rational and un-rational behaviours and thinking.

When I am grounded, I eat better and nourish myself with more abundance.

What if all the ways we have been told to ground ourselves isn’t the quickest and most essential approach?

What if all we need is our feet planted on the earth more?

All the self help books we are sitting indoors reading, or channelled YouTube meditations we are playing at night to clear and ground, or even the copious amounts of sound healing we are attending indoors, what if our answer is in our backyard.

Feet on the earth.

Could it be that easy?

Well, try it and see what happens. All I am saying is that we are all in need of more grounding and my thoughts are, does it always have to be at our expense?

Ungrounded people make businesses a lot of money.

Now I want you to know that self-help books, YouTube meditations and beautiful sound healing events are not wrong. No, they are not! I read a lot of books, do guided meditations sometimes and go to events with the intention to be more grounded to at times. They all serve a place.

What I am saying is that it could save a lot of money, time and space for you just to spend more time with your shoes off, preferably not playing on your phone or computer in the process.

The key here is TRUST.


Yes, trust. Trust because you need to trust that earth is here for you and to trust she can help you come back to balance. To trust she can ground you.

All the other ways we ground, self-help books, YouTube meditations, sound events and all that are great, yes, but they are also ways to by-pass you trusting you and putting faith into that someone else can save you.

Now you may say, Tabitha, well by putting faith into the earth grounding I am looking for someone else to save me too?

No, you aren’t.

You here are trusting you. Here you are having faith in you.

You are the earth, and she is you.

Feet on the Earth guys. Be grounded.

Tabitha Lee. Eat-Share-Love xx

So, I guess I have to emphasis my excitement for what is about 2 months away!

MY BOOK!! Healthy sweet food recipes coming at you. I have 11 short stories I call them, within the book talking about my emotional and mental experiences with disordered eating. Being vulnerable and expressing these words was quite powerful. I hope to reach others out there who too are going through a journey to find balance.

I do not want you to miss out, so you can subscribe to my website here

Lots of love and hugs xoxo

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