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I have a lot of questions for you to ponder with after reading this blog. So, grab a cuppa and a snack and make yourselves comfortable.

I promise you it will leave you with a lot to think about.

Was going to name this blog, Are your food intolerances valid?

To then realise, yes, of course they are valid! Everything brings meaning. Those intolerances are present to teach you something. That is valid and they have importance.

Those uncomfortable food intolerances.

The bloating. The cramps. The nausea. The joint pain. The headaches. The fatigue.

All the symptoms that can arise with food intolerances. They have a place.

Reading through my old journal entries, and remember as I said if you been following me, I am writing blogs inspired from revelations and insights from journal entries which can be very cathartic by the way, that I actually blamed the food almost like say 89% of the time for my issues. For everything! I wonder why food controlled me most of my life.

“It was always the foods fault!”

Now I am conscious enough to know now that this is not the full truth in the matter. Yes, I know that I was reacting to food because of other reasons also. I am not saying that I am invincible here to food intolerances, just hear me out and stay with me here.

What I am feeling lately is that is our intolerances due to something else?

Are we missing something so important that is why we are reacting to foods?

Are we taking out so much to do elimination diets to uncover what we are reacting to, when we need to be adding something in?

Are we making ourselves intolerant to foods because we eliminate so much when this is not the answer for the root cause?

So many questions to sit with i know, but hey, they may be something to sit with when I reveal what I think one of the reasons is for our food intolerances.

Is life meant to be about taking out so much when mother nature knows what she is doing for us?

So here, I have been pondering for days about this inadequate addition that is free. This addition that is always here and is available at anytime of the day.

This addition that we can CHOOSE NOW.

It is JOY!!

Yes, JOY!

Let’s take it back a little here and paint a picture for you all.

Food intolerances. They stem from the gut, am I right!?

What upsets our gut and doesn’t allow us to digest our food properly?

Let me rattle a few off here ok.

Stress, anxiety, depression, being too busy to digest, emotional trauma, eating too fast and the list goes on. We all have different things that can upset our digestion being that we are all unique in where we are at within our journeys.

But what is almost non-existent when we are radiating within a joyful vibration?

Well, I don’t see stress, anxiety and depression taking it’s hold on too many people living with more joy.

I am not talking about surface level joy here, as some joy expressed is just to mask for the inner turmoil inside. I am talking about the inner joy that is felt due to purely the love that we feel because we exist.

Joy takes us back into our hearts. When we are in our hearts we are operating more from our parasympathetic nervous system. This system where we breathe better. This system where we digest food better. This system where we respond instead of re-act. Yes, instead of RE-ACT.

So, is our food intolerances due to lack of JOY and love in our life?

If you don’t know, when we eat food and don’t digest it, food particles are left undigested and the body can recognise these food particles as foreign objects. Hence the so-called food intolerances. Then comes the symptoms, physical, emotional and mental.

Let me say again, these are just my ponderings and for me they feel very valid.

“But Tabitha”, you may say. “what about the gut test I had that said I have all these bacterial overgrowths and infections?”

Yes, I hear you. You are heard yes!

But what caused these infections and bacterial infections?

Were they caused due to stress, as we now know that stress inhibits our food digestion when we eat leaving undigested food to petrify in the gut leaving an environment for the chance of bacteria to get out of hand and leading to infections and pathogenic hosts.

Come back to JOY again…

Can we live in our full joy and not be feeling we are attacked?

As all food intolerances are, well, invaders. Bacteria overgrowths and parasite infections, they are just invaders that have come in.

Are these ‘attackees’ our messengers from above staying STOP! Stop it all and just rest in being JOYFUL for some time, maybe a long time.

Can we come back to the JOY?

The JOY where fear does not live.

The JOY where we feel safe.

The JOY where we live in the flow with the currents of life.

The JOY where we feel free and unrestricted.

The JOY where nothing is off limits except for not giving to ourselves enough.

The JOY is just being still.

Ahhhhhh….feels nice doesn’t it?

You can feel that freedom, can’t you?

The freedom past all the pain and hurt that is restricting you.

So here I come to end. Here now, I am going to work with the feeling of more JOY and see what happens withing my life. To say yes to JOY!

It may feel uncomfortable for sometimes, or maybe, just maybe it may feel so good, if the ego can move aside a little and allow my essence to soar through, that I may remain in JOY!?

Maybe I can transcend the pain with JOY?!

Want to come on the 5:55 train to JOY with me?

This train stops at the land of the unrestricted! Chooo-chooo-chooo.

Tabitha xoxoxo

Heads up everyone. So, my healthy dessert recipe book now has a date for release. YAY!!

Hold out to Easter 2021. Perfect time for a release with Easter. Easter is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. What a great time to learn how to make healthy desserts that are free from nasties to live in a more JOYFUL state!

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Happy happy joy JOY! 😊

Thanks to Thought Catalog @thoughtcatalog for making this photo available freely on Unsplash

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