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My Nanna Bear & Pa Polly

My Nanna Bear, Regina Schutz, is one the best woman I know, and I am very blessed to be her granddaughter.

My Pa Polly, Clarence Schutz, is one the best men I knew, and very blessed I got to share his journey with him as his granddaughter while he spent his time here on Earth.

I remember as a child every single school holiday’s I would look forward to going to stay with my Nanna and Pa. Some kids wanted to hang out with their friends, but all I wanted to do was go to my Nanna and Pa’s to hang out with them. To bake with Nanna, feel bathed and be showered with love. Nanna and Pa always spoilt me, and I lapped up every second of it and sucked it in like I sponge.

I even remember the time I snuck into the kitchen cupboard and stole a packet of my favourite biscuits as a child, Aronotts Kingston biscuits, and Nanna told me off as was close to lunch time and she was concerned I wouldn’t eat my lunch, but, I still loved even that attention from my Nanna as everything she ever did for me was from pure love.

I remember when I was about 6 years old and my Pa telling me that peeing into a container and dipping your toes into it when you had severe itchy and sore chill blains all over your toes helps to rid you of them, yes South Australia can get very cold, and boy oh boy it works overnight, and am grateful that I have slower circulation as it’s a trait I picked up from my Pa and that shared a moment of a beautiful bond, even though it involved pee, haha.

I remember most of my school holidays in my early teens when I would go to my Nanna and Pa’s for my 2 weeks school holidays and Pa would go out to the farm in a small town called Murbko, and help my Uncle do all their farm work and maintenance, while I would stay and home with Nanna and I would be in the kitchen with Nanna most of the day. One word…cheesecakes, was something I would love making and boy did we make a lot of them. I was completely absorbed in baking and cooking while at my Nannas house. Cutting out new recipes and Nanna would take me to the shops to get all the supplies. Pa would come home from the farm at 5pm on the dot and I would have made a lasagne, shepards pie or tuna mornay for dinner and we would all comute around the table and bless our food and then fress up (fress is a Schutz word for us used in the family for years as, gobble up).

Eveings were spent watching a movie and fressing half a cheesecake between the three of us and we enjoyed every single bite. In my coming recipe story book, which is not far away now, you will find some raw cheesecake recipes in honour to these memories

My Pa is no longer with us and hasn’t been since 2009, but not a day goes by I do not think of that wonderful man. The kindest man I knew. The most gentle man I have ever met to the day so far. He can made me see how a man can totally be so powerful still in his masculine while embracing his feminine essence and be soft.

While Pa become older and more fragile towards the last few months of his life, Nanna taught me how to be in her feminine power and embracing her masculine and rising to step up to also take the fought for Pa, and wow what a powerful stance she took.

My Nanna and Pa have bought so many feel good memories in my life and not a day goes by don’t think of my Nanna or Pa.

I have a picture of my Pa next to my bed and look at it every night or acknowledge him at least once a day.

I look forward to a letter in the mail from my Nanna as we send each other little reminders that you are loved. Her writing on the envelope always make me smile.

So, this blog is really just me feeling into how much I love and adore both of these such important souls within my journey.

They have watched me go through all my highs and lows and just still unconditionally loved me through it all.

Nanna Bear and Pa Polly, I raise my herbal tea to you and drink in the celebration of you.


Tab xx

Ps; Bear and Polly because these are just cutesy names that stuck with my loves throughout my life. Like how I get called, little chicken or fox….

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