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POEM- 'Unwanted Visitor'?

‘Unwanted Visitor’?
‘Unwanted Visitor’?

As the sun goes down and dusk arrives.

She hears that knock at the door once again.

The girl doesn’t want to answer it.

She knows exactly who it is.

Without the willpower to restrain the door from opening. Her hand freely turns the handle. Fear comes in and clasps around her chest the moment it steps foot through the door. Compresses the oxygen out of her lungs.

She gasps for air.

You may think she would enjoy fears company, welcoming it in.

She had no boundaries with it and never really took the time to get to know this acquaintance she constantly welcomed in.

Why did fear choose to be her friend with the silent treatment it constantly received from the girl?!

The girl broke the slumbering silence and that moment of courage voiced…

“Fear, why do you come and make me hold so much heaviness in my heart and in my body?

I am unsure when these shackles placed on my ankles will be removed?”

Fears responded,

“Dear child, I only come to seek you out to show you your greatest potential in moments of despair.

To guide you to become wiser to overcome challenges and feel more trust and courage within yourself.

To help you understand that every dark night once again will always rise to another light filled day.

To show you where love is not yet shone. I wish you no pain dear child. I am only of love as that is all there is.

My only wish is for you to love more.”

The girl placed both hands at her heart. The raging pulse subsided. The tension softened in her muscles.

Fear walked out the door once again and with a slight turn of its back, said looking the girl in the eye,

“I will let you decide if I need to make my presence shown tomorrow night.”

Tabitha Lee xxx

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