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Saboteur Archetype

What is the saboteur archetype you say?

It is like a part of you that is terrified of change.

The saboteur is so petrified of change that it can try to lure you away to protect your heart. It can take you away all the things that mean so much to you with the fear dialogue running saying, if I stay where I am, I cannot fail.

To go against the saboteur may result in more joyful experiences, more openness to love and yes, success. The saboteur cannot see this view. It only knows how to hold us back on a leash. It thinks that to keep us safe, it needs to direct us to keep doing the same old things day in and day out just in-case we fail at trying something new. Just in-case we get it all wrong.

The saboteur archetype, if we are aware, can make us watch ourselves pass up beautiful opportunities and encounters. Opportunities that could take us to new heights never thought imaginable.

Then we have the scenario that the saboteur makes us feel that it is you, and that there is no distinction between you and it. Dwindling within this archetype too long, constantly playing by its rules, it can happen very easily. Keeping you so safe.

But is it really living?

Is it really evolving?

I mean it is a blessing to have the saboteur archetype step in throughout some circumstances, like to direct you away from potentially dangerous encounters, we have it to thank for that. But when has it become so dangerous to open to more love?

When has it become so dangerous to give more to ourselves?

When has it become so dangerous to change direction?

Saboteur Archetype Tabitha Schutz Blog
Thanks to Steinar Engeland @steinart for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

My saboteur archetype tries to keep me in my safe zone via the outlet of food control. Food control and ritualised eating. Being thin has become my safe place and anytime I put on weight to move closer to more health gained, the saboteur puts on its cape and says, I am coming to save you from danger. Let’s take you back to safety. You are in good hands now I am with you now, it says.

It is courage we need. We need to dig deep and pull the courage up and out. so much courage to fearlessly move in the direction of the uncharted waters with blind faith and complete trust that spirit has our back.

You cannot stay where you are. Making decisions to move forward requires you to be so courageous, and to take that courage into the deepest and darkest places within your being. No more placing so many limitations on ourselves. No matter the outcome, the biggest success is that you tried. That my dear is utter success and far greater movement than sitting put within safe zone.

Now to do it hey. I know, I get the slight need to gasp for air too. Maybe that terrifying feeling is not actually fear?

What if it is excitement?

Despite what you are used to telling yourself, you are ready for new adventures. You were born ready!

Stop looking to the saboteur for approval because you will not get it.

Unless you want to dwell within the fears of lack, take the other route and trust yourself first.

The path ahead is not yet evident to the naked eye, so courage, yes courage and faith you must draw upon. Keep coming back to your why. The why. Not the how. The why will keep you on your path and not caving into the saboteur archetype. The how can lead us down a path of doubt and fear trying to map out how the hell we can do it all. By all means, have a basic plan of action, but keep coming back to your why. The why is what will keep you grounded and moving forward without the temptations of the saboteur.

Keep your eye on the prize. The prize being, your happiness maybe?

Maybe it is your freedom, or maybe it is to a whole new world of feeling love?

Directing your attention on the why is empowering yet directing your attention on the how is disempowering.

We no longer want to see our hopes, dreams and desires crumbling right before our feet. I know I cannot bear it much more either. These changes may require you to experience some temporary pain. Do not run away from this experience too soon before the magic will appear. I can see it so clearly, but sometimes feels so far out of our grasps. I get it. But what is the alternatives?

What will it take for you to disengage from the saboteur archetype?

Who do you need support from to do this?

Do you even need support, or do you feel you have the courage to do this alone?

I am so very blessed to have amazing friends around me who I can talk to and recognise more of who I am. To recognise when I choose from love or fear. Every little bit counts.

Can you see when the saboteur archetype steps in?

Tabitha Lee. Eat-Share-Love xoxo

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