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“I can’t do this alone. I NEED you too PLEASE.”

Sometimes we can be so stuck on talking about the things that aren’t making us feel good.

So, I have this idea, the FEEL good REVOLUTION I want to call it.

My intention being to see how many people this can reach and create a chain effect to radiate out so more and more can feel this feel good effect globally.

We are all so worthy of feeling good.

We are all so loved that at times we can forget that very fact in a heartbeat.

So I invite you all right NOW!

Yes, NOW!

List 25 things that make you FEEL good. I know what you are saying to yourself, “I don’t have time right now to write up 25 things that make me feel good.”

YES you do. If you have time to be reading this blog right now you have time to write these up to join the FEEL good REVOLUTION. It may be just the start of all the success you desire in your life or purely just helps you to create and attract more of what you want.

Let’s go a step further, lets make it 27. Yep, 27 because it’s my favourite number. Post your list up where you wish, on social media, stick your list on your fridge or share with a friend. Get it up and out there.

I have such a strong feeling we can make this chain help us all on our healing path. Heal some past wounds we are holding onto. Softening us into more appreciation and respect for ourselves.

I can’t do this alone. I NEED you too PLEASE.

For too long I have fallen into the grasps of feeling inadequate, hiding behind eating disorders, using addictions to run away from even looking at the truth and so on. I feel we all need each other more than ever at this time. Can we connect our hearts together in union?

Come together now, let this begin with me….

28 things that make me FEEL good

  1. Baking and cooking. I feel amazing creating art in the kitchen.

  2. The colour green. It makes me feel so nourished inside and out.

  3. Books. It makes me feel so good adding to my book collection even though I don’t get a chance to read them all.

  4. Sun baking naked. The sun light on my bare body makes me feel so sensually alive.

  5. Walking through a forest on a crisp chilly morning. It makes me feel like I am dancing with the fairies.

  6. Woowoo my budgie. He allows me to feel present and helps me feel good by surrendering in the moment.

  7. Yoga. It makes me feel so fluid and flexible like the universe is running through my veins.

  8. Crying. It makes me feel comforted laying on the kitchen floor crying out all the pain that have been held within.

  9. Magnesium bath. It makes me feel so good filling up a tub with warm water and copious amounts of magnesium salts.

  10. Eating alone. Yes, it makes me feel good to eat alone, yes an ortharexic trait, but it makes me feel good where I am at.

  11. Brewing herbal tea. It makes me feel good using my witchy ways to create magical elixers.

  12. Eating organic produce. I feel so good knowing my nourishing food is grown and harvested with more nutrients.

  13. Dancing. I feel so good closing the blinds and dancing like no one is watching.

  14. Music. I feel so good turning up the tunes, singing, pretending that I have the voice of the artist.

  15. Dry body brushing. It feels so good every morning to wake the body up with the stimulation of my lymphatic system.

  16. Being in control. Yes, it feels good being in control of my own choices.

  17. Helping others. It feels so good helping others when they appreciate the help.

  18. Cacao. It feels so good allowing cacao to open my heart to feel vulnerable. Does cacao need an explanation?

  19. Rolling on the floor like a child. It feels so good rolling and letting go of the feeling of responsibility in the moment.

  20. Eating slow cooked fatty lamb ribs. It feels so good eating grounding foods that bring me back in my body.

  21. Laying on the grass. It feels so good laying on the earth looking up at the sky.

  22. The words I love you. It feels so good hearing the words from a loved one that is spoken directly from the heart.

  23. Gently hugging and stroking myself. It feels so good to feel the connection to your body.

  24. Vulnerability. The after math of the vulnerable moment expressed feels so wonderfully freeing.

  25. Massage. It feels good to allow the tension to melt away.

  26. Asking for help. It feels good to now realize that it is ok to ask for help and know its ok to be not ok too.

  27. Walking into my home with my slow cooker on. It feels so good smelling the aromas floating around my home, yum.

And here we have it, only 1 more to go…..

It feels so good to SHARE.

28. To start a FEEL good REVOLUTION. It feels so darn wonderful to reconnect us all.

With all my love, feeling the armour break away from the front and back of my heart in this very moment,


Tabitha lee.

Eat-Share-Love xoxoxo

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