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What are my daily rituals?


Isn’t the word on the street that doing the same thing over and over is the definition of acting insane?

Well then that makes me insane. No, really, I am not crazy. Well maybe I am, but normal is boring right?

My point being, doing the same thing every single day at the exact same time probably would drive anybody to feel crazy. That alone is enough to create boredom with anyone.

We all have daily rituals and habits that do benefit from doing them everyday though and yes, maybe at the same time. The habits that we know start us off on a great note for the day. Those habits that we know make us feel good. Those habits that make our body, mind and spirit feel connected.

Here I want to share some of the daily rituals I endeavour in. The ones I know that benefit me. The ones I know makes my heart sing and more expansive.

Daily Habit Number 1. Dry Body Brushing.

Not a day goes by I don’t engage in this energizing practice. Usually in the morning as I feel like it’s a boost of caffeine to my body. After a night’s sleep, to wake and rub a dry body brush over my body I feel the blood pumping through my veins. I do this by starting under my feet, and if started on the left side, I will continue the left side until I finish at my heart space. In circular clockwise motion, I run the brush all the way up the leg, over and around the hip and buttocks, to then around my lower back and stomach, up the arm and under my arm pit around the breast and finish at my heart. Then to do the other side. I also do my face and neck, gently though as the skin is thinner here. I visualize it stimulating my thyroid too.

Dry body brushing is known to stimulate the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a main part of the body’s immune system, made up of organs, ducts, lymph nodes and vessels that move lymph through the body. Just under the skin is many of these vessels. Dry body brushing is great to help this system detoxify and just make your skin glow by removing dead skin cells.

Will you give it a whirl?

Daily Habit Number 2. Transdermal Magnesium Spray.

My love affair with magnesium chloride spray. Derived from natural sea water, with natural trace mineral from the ocean.

Taking magnesium supplements can play up with my digestive system at times. I find this is a safer way for myself to have magnesium. I usually spray 12 to 15 sprays daily on my body. Sometimes more if sore muscles are present. I particularly focus on spraying under my feet, back of legs, buttocks and abdomen as these locations have more rapid absorption.

Magnesium helps support the body with heart, muscle and nerve functions. It also helps support healthy bone formation. If you are under stress, there is usually more of a demand for magnesium and other minerals. Magnesium is also wonder for improving sleep quality.

I usually spray over after my dry body brushing, but be warned, if you are very sensitive, this may tingle a little. I just choose morning as its fit my routine better. You may find evening better for you.

Daily Habit Number 3. Warm Lemon Water or Ginger Tea.

Ever since I can remember have I done this. I look very much forward to that first sip of tangy and warming water. I find it helps my body also wake up and the digestion feels to move. This is sign to me my body enjoys this.

Warm lemon water or ginger tea helps boost immunity, digestion, gives you some vitamin c, balances body PH, helps flush toxins, cleanses liver and can help with constipation.

Daily Habit Number 4. Brushing Tongue

As we all brush our teeth daily, well I hope we do, I also brush my tongue. Yep, the tongue.

I use a natural toothpaste with bi carb. Debris and dead cells build up on the tongue and we want to push those bad boys out. Our body absorbs all the toxins daily we are exposed to, so if we can eliminate the ones in the mouth to reduce the load the body will thankyou. Not only does bad bacteria in the mouth cause bad breath, it can also affect our digestion and cause tooth decay. Even your food can taste so much better, yep true.

Then there is going to the next level and coconut oil pulling. That’s for another time. I don’t do this one daily myself.

Daily Habit Number 5. Movement.

Yes, moving the body is so important to me. Being in some flow to awaken the body and move energy in and out. I always start the day with some form of movement. Yoga usually 4 times a week, some rebounding on my trampoline while my budgie mimics me, bless, I love him, weight resistant training as this help me feel strong physically and mentally. I gave up intense cardio a while back as I find my adrenals do not love me as much so opt for strength and some rebounding. Can I mention, rebounding is also wonderful for the lymphatic system. Movement helps me sleep better at night and dramatically helps my mental health and happiness.

Daily Habit Number 6. Meditation.

Meditation I have become very fond of. Mediation for myself looks anything like, sitting under a tree with my body on the earth, or playing ball with my budgie, yes, he plays fetch, sitting in nature looking up at the sky and observing the leaves on the trees near by move in the wind, colouring or crafting, music while dancing in my lounge room or just placing a youtube guided meditation on to follow.

Mediation helps me generate more compassion for myself. It helps me sleep at night by winding down and consciously synchronizing my breath. It helps my digestion and lowers cortisol when operate from the sympathetic system, that is the flight and fight response if you are unaware. I could go on and on here with the benefits but, you would need all day.

I hope you enjoy your healthy habits. I have more, but feel to stop at 6 as you all have a life to get on with and your own healthy routines.

Tabitha Lee xxx

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