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What I Have Lost From Meditation.

What I Have Lost From Meditation.
What I Have Lost From Meditation.

Why do I mediate?

I am learning the art of relaxing into stillness to help myself overcome compulsive habits, addictive behaviours and too much noise up there in hope relax into a space of stillness that the trust within myself will displace fear and worry.

The more time I allow to sit in this space of the nothingness, my trust with myself is increasing as I can hear the messages from my own soul and not the messages I've taken on from someone else's creation. I start to see what is more important and truer for me. This type of disconnection can be extremely healthy food for the soul. Disconnection for re-connection.

The more you saturate yourself in the space of stillness, your internal lamp will become brighter to light your path for what is ahead of you.

Meditation is one of the yummiest foods which is often replaced with the phrase, “I don’t have time to mediate”.

I am sure you have time to eat right?!

I am sure you have 30 minutes to scroll over your facebook feed right?!

You eat food every day, so why prepare the food that your soul becomes hungry for?

Ways of direct culture conditioning has allowed us to warp our consciousness, which only results in pain with the punishment we implicit on ourselves by the denial of the pleasure we need the most.

It is time to gently undo the patterns of attempting to fit in with the dogmatic ways of being busy to get ahead and replace this with doing less.

Doing less you say?

How will I achieve anything by doing less?

It actually does happen when you gift yourself the pleasure of stillness and being in the nothingness space. The people who need to come into your life to assist you on your path actually come in. The answers to your deepest questions arise and then you can proceed forward. Your mind is more calm and you see the next step to take and proceed without questioning. You get clear and all the distractions slowly start to dissipate. You don’t even have to try to force the distractions out as you start to see them for what they are, distractions, big fat mountains that you do not need to climb to get to where you need to be. You become more willing to bee line directly to where you need to be to become more of you, more healthy. The windows that you thought were too cracked, you start to see they can be replaced. The words that once were used as a weapon become softer.

Meditation is soul food. Such a beautiful healthy spread of food it is.

So back to the question I have asked yet not answered yet…

Why do I meditate?

To move more swiftly to my desired direction without as many obstacles taking up space that needs to be used other ways. To stop banging my head against the wall at night not getting the things done for me, the things that are important to me. To allow the co-dependant ways to lose their rein of power. Because once you start it feels to darn good to stop.

So, you could say I have lost a lot in my life from introducing meditation into my life daily…

1.some fear

2.some worry

3.some anxiety

4.some depression

5.some judgement

6.some weakness

7.some sadness

8.some beliefs not belonging to me

9.some friends, yes, some people that were not healthy for me

10.some confusion

11.Some digestive issues

12.some constipation issues, yes meditation helps you let go

13.some control

I really could keep going on here about the losses, but you get the point as you are a smart cookie.

So, if the idea of mediation has come to you, do it! If the idea of meditation hasn’t come to you, do it!

I am not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to tell you to MEDITATE!

Even if you just try it for 21 days. Just 21 days ok and see what happens.

This is probably the best advice I can share to gain your sovereignty back and have more peace and grace into your life.

Give yourself the soul healthy food it needs. Just because you can’t physically see your soul like your body, it doesn’t mean it’s not throwing up it’s hands in the classroom to the answers you seek ever so much.

So, lets go MEDITATE and gain some losses.

Tabitha lee xx

PS: my recipe story book is with the publishers going to edit!

what excites me most is by Christmas you will be able to make some healthy desserts for your family day.

You are not too late to subscribe…

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