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The only life you can truly save is your own.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl called Tabitha, who was ready to live life to the fullest. While on her journey, Tabitha fell under an evil spell. This took her on a spiral of disordered eating. 

Tabitha realised that to break the spell, she had to unleash her creative alchemist. By writing and sharing her favourite healthy sweet recipes, the chains that bound her loosened, and she had more freedom to celebrate the rich, colourful, and delicious life waiting for her. 

By nurturing herself and others through the magic of cooking, Tabitha is on her way back to health and happienss. She invites anyone who reads this book and indulges in the lush flavours of her creations to taste the hope, care, and passion that has inspired Tabitha. Come and walk the path with her back to the sweet life. 

My Journey back to the Sweet Life

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