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Are those CHAINS your own making?

So, I wasn’t going to write this blog. I had pen on paper writing it down in my journal with the intention of uploading last week but convinced myself that it was a waste of time. I convinced myself that I was just over acting and writing words that weren’t worth sharing. I convinced myself that people would probably not even read it. So, the words just sat there in my journal expressed but felt they weren’t heard by anyone.

Until tonight. Something happened that made me realize that it was imperative to share my blog. The message hit me, and it took the incidence to break the chains of my gold necklace chain for me to realize it. At first, I was angry as I know it was not cheap and will need to replace asap as wearing my necklace with the gold pendant hold deep sentimental value to me. Then it hit me, it struck me with a lightning bolt. The blog I said! If only typed it up days ago this may have not occurred to wake me. These experiences always happen to me when I don’t listen and shy away from doing things that I feel others will think of it as not worthy. It can take many times for these things to happen for you to listen. But soon I trust we all will listen and never second guess that deep instinct.

So, here is the blog I was going to upload last week…

The difficult energy that just keeps repeating itself, keeping you stuck.

The CHAIN that is bolted to your wrist that is connected to fear from your past, or the anxiety about the future to come.

Although you try to hide behind the many masks of contentment, you simply remain stuck unable to move forward.

The stuff keeping you stuck, these lurking physical addictions, emotional patterning, or even old-outdated relationships you keep running back to, all in avoidance of moving forwards because of the fear and that tightly bolted CHAIN at your wrist.

Maybe it’s the anxiety about the future that is truly taking you away from allowing yourself to be happy now and living in the present moment, taking you farther away from giving your soul a chance to be in charge, and to direct your mind to arrive at your best self.

Those CHAINS. Are they your own making?

Is there something now you can take action on to break those CHAINS and move forward into a happier healthier you?

A free you. A more joyful you.

Can you muster up the courage to free yourself or will you allow fear to take the controller and strengthen the bonds in the CHAIN, keeping your feet trudging through the thick mud with the heavy burdens to carry?

You do have the capability to break free if you choose and until you choose to do so, the difficult energy will just keep repeating itself and keep those chains bound ever so tightly.

The more you cave to the demands of fear, the harder the key that sets you free is to find.

How many more unwanted outcomes will it take to truly open your eyes that fear is not really the friend you want to keep so close?

Each and every day, I am chiselling aways at that CHAIN, and oh boy yes, I do feel the excitement that comes with it, yet I am also so terribly afraid all at once. I am not preparing it all to be easy as I know I took a lot to get here. Every day just being at least one to two percent freer is all I am working on right. The turtle won the race remember the story.?

I know big leaps are too overwhelming for me. Yet, as I write this now, I am questioning if too that is another ‘story’ I am telling myself.

Time to release attachment.

Break the CHAINS!

Choose peace over fear.

Choose you.

Tabitha xoxo

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