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Daily Routine

Sometimes my mind feels explosive with all the thoughts. Sometimes my mind feels so wired it makes me feel that attacks are on the horizon, like I start to expect it to happen, so I attract that situation, then it rectifies that I am unsafe. So, the rollercoaster then begins as the day begins anew.

Living in flight and fight for so many years my body once could adapt easier and give some ‘grace’ for the flight and fight, up to now. Things eventually catch up with you, they always do. The aftermath in all its glory.

If this sounds like you too, do not fear my friends. The last thing you need is placing yourself into more fear. You have scared yourself enough over this lifetime.

Daily Routine
Daily Routine

You are not broken, unfixable or damaged goods. You have just become under the spell of societies ‘do more’ to determine you value as a human being mentality.

Most of us have completely burnt out our adrenals causing havoc on our kidneys and slowing down our thyroid function completely causing metabolic issues.

Again, you are not alone!

You are not broken!

You are not damaged!

You can and you will repair. You just need patience ok!?

As it didn’t just take overnight to get here. It may have been months, years, or even your whole life if you suffered a lot of traumas.

So, it is here I want to share what I am doing for daily routines to feel safe and allow this healing to happen without as much turbulence as possible.

  1. Setting an alarm to create a regular wake cycle, despite if feel tired and want to stay in bed. it allows me to create a routine to get up with the sunrise as we naturally would have done without the invention of light bulbs and electricity. Plus, have you ever just felt worse for lying in bed all morning fatigued, and usually laying there getting all up in your head about the day’s outcomes?

Mornings are the best time to set yourself up for the day ahead and get visuals of what you want in your life to bring in.

Typically, I find 5:30 or 6am a good time for my body to rise, but please also listen to your body too ok. Know your limits but also know your resistance that is blocking you from creating change that can take you to your next level.

2. Once get up, always make my bed as a clear tidy room is a clearer mind for me. I usually do this while sipping my morning brew of nettle tea. Nettle tea is a great cleanser for my system and wonderful for the kidneys too. Contains a good dose of potassium too.

3. Set my yoga mat up and place on what ever music takes my fancy that morning. Sometimes I do yoga to sacred chants, yet there are plenty of times I have done yoga flows to my love of rock music too. It is quite amazing to see the different dynamics of flows that stream through with playing around with sound. This practise helps me process my emotions and helps to strengthen my body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes I may replace yoga with a morning walk, but generally yoga is my go too as its low impact which my body loves during healing my adrenals and thyroid. I am also studying yoga, meditation and breathwork, so I guess I like to pretend I am choreographing a class to a group of people for practise when I am officially qualified.

4. Breakfast, yes breakfast. I try to make breakfast no more than 2hours after I wake. Studies have shown that woman while healing shouldn’t fast in the mornings for hormone health, and this goes for woman who are not in the phases of healing too. Fasting in the mornings can raise the stress hormone cortisol, which can make people feel amazing while fasting on this ‘high’, but, at what long term cost?

High cortisol that can turn on the flight fight response is exactly what we need to move away from to heal the hormones, have better sleep, better digestion and gut health, a healthy metabolism and thyroid function. Stress response drains our batteries, and further slows thyroid putting it in a RT3 state by not allowing T4 to convert to T3, all with the intentions of the body to keep you safe. So, fasting may counteract all the things you need to achieve for the more radiant you. A balanced breakfast to stabilise blood sugar levels maybe the best thing you can do. Protein, fat, and carbs. Balancing blood sugars, especially first thing in the morning can determine how you handle the entire day ahead, and your hormones may just love you back.

One step further is eating your breakfast in nature sunlight. Morning light activates our digestion and hormone health and can generally just elevate our mood. One of my favourite breakfasts now is this coconut yoghurt by living coconut brand that’s fully fermented, collagen powder by Thankfully Nourished, cacao powder by Power superfoods and defrosted frozen blueberries. Its yummy yum. Always a sprinkle of sea salt as love adding minerals when I can help digestion. Also, this combination also helps me with the constipation issue I have. This is changed when I want a savoury breakfast or something heavier if feel body needs.

5. Immediately after breakfast, hello journal. Write baby write. Pen to paper. Get clear on the day ahead and really vision what I want to bring in with the most important key to manifest it, having gratitude for what you have now. How can you bring what you want in without being grateful for what you have now?

No one manifests their deepest desires from living in lack and scarcity.

6. Now I am ready for another round of herbal tea and just to be for an hour or so. Not to try to always fill the spaces in between. This allows me to see clearer the steps I need to take to be the best person I can be for the day. If I have morning clients in my home-based salon, I always give myself this hour free before I start work and being in service to others over myself. If the morning is free from salon clients, I usually try to do something creative to keep the flow of abundance happening like maybe a mailbox drop of business cards, or write a blog for my website, or invent a new recipe to share to my Facebook group, as too much stagnancy I feel creates blocks in my life.

7. Lunch comes around and to balance my hormones for my healing journey I am quite disciplined to eat 3-4 hours after my breakfast, despite if not overly hungry as I am aware I have shut down many of my bodies signalling signs so have to be the parent of myself at times and call the shots. That is the ironic thing about healing thyroid, adrenals, and hormones, as restoring the metabolism you may just have to eat when you’re not overly hungry or even more than you may be used to, to let the body know its safe with enough in your environment to give you the messages. It seems ludicrous to eat when you’re not hungry hey?!

If you keep travelling down this road it can only just lead to further metabolic damage and further slowing thyroid. Now, if it’s a nice day, lunch always eaten in natural sunlight to get added benefits to stimulate digestive function as nature naturally balances us and helps to drop into rest and digest.

8. Afternoons I am usually working with my hairdressing business. Either from home through the week in now, beautiful Adelaide, which I am loving and still new to, or if it’s the weekend, id be out doing mobile hairdressing. I seem to operate better when I take the mornings slower and have a scheduled-out salon afternoon, well, now anyway. Mornings at current I am finding that I am clearer to process and reflect on my life and get clear direction or to do my marketing and advertising work. Not always this goes to plan and am being flexible on days when I need to adjust to life’s demands though.

9. Later afternoons I like to wind down. Anything too stimulating in the later afternoon just sets me up for a restless sleep. I find later in the day I need to induce all the peace I can to start to signal to the body that it is time to slow down otherwise I go to bed counting stars all night wide awake. It’s here I take my magnesium, and I love taking a magnesium glycinate later in the day as this type of magnesium helps to calm and relax. I like to also take my ashwagandha herbs here too that I get myself from wonderful naturopath from Noosa Natural Medicine, a herb that can really nourish the adrenals. I start to organise dinner, and this helps the anxiety about doing it all at once. Being in the kitchen is actual meditation for me. It calms my nerves.

10. Dinner, dinner is usually before 6pm. To be honest, its usually around 5ish, and I know its super early, but I find that it works better for me as late dinners I tend to wake up feeling all sluggish and bowels don’t shift if haven’t had time to digest the food from the previous day. This is just speaking for my current situation and time may change this when my body and hormones become more balanced. Again, a protein, fats, and carbs. Typically, its usually a piece of salmon or eggs or some kind of meat for protein, olive oil or animal fats for the fats, and carbs usually sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or carrot. All the greens are added to for fibre.

11. Netflix, and no, it doesn’t make me ‘un-spiritual’ to watch tv, ha-ha. What is spirituality anyway?

Sit with that and what it means to you.?

For me, spirituality means, just living in presence of life, in the moment and what your soul needs to do to be fulfilled. What calls you to serve yourself and other. Your heart always knows the way and doesn’t question that. I believe spiritual living is being a kinder, more compassionate being every single day and working on accepting yourself daily for what ever each day presents itself to you. just to love and accept the ebbs and the flows of life as all happening for divine intervention.

If its not a bit of good old Netflix, usually have my head in a good book with more herbal tea, or I really enjoy putting on guided meditations.

12. Yum, bed. The best sleep I have is when I be disciplined to be in bed by 9pm. You may think I am strict, but where I am currently at with my health journey, sleep cannot be bargained with. It’s the time my body, our bodies, do the best healing work. If I push my threshold and get my head stuck in a super awesome book and can’t put it down, then I can lay there for hours before the sleep kicks in. That said, the very occasional night out dancing is so worth it, and I don’t regret it, as this too also gets me out of routine that can make me too stuck in ways that it becomes an addiction or when things in life change, it makes it in-tolerable to adjust to change.

So, there you have it. A little run down of my days journey.

Did you get any pointers that you feel inspired to take on?

Lots of love and kisses,

Tabitha xoxo

Tabitha Lee. Eat-Share-Love

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