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What would happen?

What if we just said FUCK IT?

Say it, c’mon, I know you want to.

Maybe we would all be much healthier, living a life full of joy and happiness.

We maybe even completing goals more effortlessly and moving more into alignment with our true selves. Our relationships maybe richer and more vibrant. Life may just be yummier from just throwing our hands up and saying just FUCK IT.

So, what am I referring to about saying FUCK IT to?

I am referring to all the fears, the rules, the old out-dated beliefs we keep abiding by, all the news updates that constantly put us in flight and fight.

We hear about 5G stuff, and yeah, it’s happening. Why stress?

By now ‘they’ are planning the next upgrades, if we constantly sit there moaning about what all the 5G is doing to us and our families, we are giving ‘them’ exactly what ‘they’ want. Fear! Then the next thing we know our immune systems are more compromised and we get sick. We become more disconnected from ourselves.

I don’t think all the phone sticky things we plaster on the back of our phones will save us. Maybe that is just placing more fear in our field?

Constantly feeling we are being attacked and needing protection. Maybe we just need to upgrade and shift our self, so we are not affected by it all.

For goodness sakes, we are all even sitting in our lounge room these days with blue blocker glasses on while watching a movie on Netflix. Not saying they aren’t are not good, just seeing the fear in the need for protection everywhere, when really in truth, we need more protection from our own thoughts about it all.

So, what if we just said FUCK IT and let go of all the worry.

Now all the old programs running in our subconscious. What if we just gave our self a little space, to look into that part of ourselves to see why we keep doing things over and over?

See what is running the show and go, oh hello there, ok, I see you. See that it is just an emotional response due to un-attended business, that you haven’t dealt with from the past. So, can we just be with the feelings and say FUCK IT, I vow not to keep doing the same things over and over because I am not my past and the experiences.

We may birth a whole new self, from letting that shit go. Maybe we will feel a heck of a lot lighter too.

What if one morning we woke up and said FUCK IT to the routine?

Yeah, the routine. The routine that you just have to do every morning. Can we just let that shit go sometimes?

Maybe we get an un-expected surprise and feel so liberated with something new and exciting that we choose.

Maybe eating those pancakes drenched in buttery maple syrup takes you to a whole new level apposed than eating your regular eggs and vegetables just from letting all the rules go.

Imagine, would we be eating the things we are eating now if all the rules were gone out the window?

Would we be hurling ourselves out of bed to the gym if the rules were not in place.

Maybe just by saying FUCK IT, we would end up finishing reading that yummy book in bed with a herbal tea, or take that coffee date with a spunk before we start work.

What if we let go of all the deadlines and demands placed on our self, and just said FUCK IT. Just for now. All the demands that are constantly putting pressure on us, maybe to let it go just for a day or two gives us the break we need so that when we do go back to it, its flows ever so beautifully to complete that project just by saying FUCK IT for a day or so.

We may go to heights we never thought we could by just saying FUCK IT to it all.

The possibilities could be endless.

Lately I have been letting a lot of perfectionism go. It has not been easy, but by saying FUCK IT to it, has actually helped me deal with fears that have lurked around for years. By saying FUCK IT to things that usually cause me so much stress has opened me up a little, to let go and soften a little more.

A dear friend of mine, Hannah Andrews, she has been helping me let go that bit more everyday just by following her live posts on social media. Helping me see that I really don’t need to live in fear so much. I am grateful to let go that bit more each day. The days I find I can’t muster up the strength to do so, I just say FUCK IT, as by judging myself on the days I just can’t do it, that won’t get me anywhere closer to my true self, so that shit just has to be let go of!

By now are you tired of hearing the words, FUCK IT?

Well, you will hear it again…


You thought I was finished, didn’t you?


Sometimes loosing so much is the best thing that can happen to us.

Tabitha Lee. Eat-Share-Love


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Here is my website if you would like to subscribe or just go grab some free recipes under the recipe blogs. If you don’t want to, that’s cool, just say no thanks, or FUCK IT is ok too.

Thanks to Paul Gilmore @paulgilmore_ for making this photo available freely on Unsplash

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